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Ultra Thin Solar Road Stud Lights Were Installed In Brazil

DATE: May 15th, 2020
Good news from Nokin Traffic than our ultra thin solar road stud lights Q7 was installed in Brazil.
Solar road stud lights NK-RS-Q7, this is an ultra-thin solar road stud, our Brazil customers bought them and used them for garden roads, this cat’s eye lamp is only 11mm thick, IP68 waterproof, five colors for you Choice, if you have a private garden and need decorative lights, this is a better choice.


This ultra-thin solar road stud light was originally designed for bicycle lanes and sidewalks, because the usual solar road stud lights are usually about 25mm thick and are installed on highways. The speed on the bike lane is not so fast, and it has little effect on the solar road stud light, so we designed this ultra-thin solar road stud , which is only 11mm thick and will not affect the wheels of the bike. It is made of completely transparent PC material, and the translucent effect is particularly good. If you walk on such a road, on the road illuminated by colorful solar road stud lights, it will be a wonderful experience.
Solar road stud light is an active road safety device, fixed on the road surface, used to mark and depict night visibility. Solar road stud is an independent device module with solar energy, batteries, LEDs, and electronic equipment, designed to automatically switch between dusk and flashlight throughout the night, thereby providing drivers with sufficient visibility and warning in advance on the road.
Unlike passive reflective road stud, the efficacy of solar road stud light does not depend on the intensity and range of vehicle headlights. Instead, use free solar energy to operate LEDs that flash overnight, thereby providing remote visibility and providing guidance and warnings to road users to improve road safety.
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